Kowloon Mosque on Nathan Road

A recent construction from the 1980′s the Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre is the main place of worship for the large Muslim community in Hong Kong.

An imposing and impressive building it stands on the corner of Nathan Road and Hiphong avenue, right at the corner of  Kowloon Park.

Despite the traditional external decoration and minarets the inside, which you may visit, is that of a modern community centre.   As well as the pray halls there is a clinic and various community services.


If you are eating around Nathan Road then you have one of the largest ranges of ethic choices of food in any part of Hong Kong.   Because of the large population from Inda and Pakistan in the district, together with a growing African contingent, the Nathan Road area in Tsim Sha Tsui has plenty of curry houses and african restaurants.


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