Attractions on Nathan Road

Nathan Road is as good a starting point as you can get for exploring the other attractions of Hong Kong.   Being located near the center of most transport with easy access to both above and underground rail systems, to ferries and to major roads.

As a tourist you’ll be wanting to hit the “high spots” of attractions be they natural things like the view from Victoria Peak or the purely Man-Made like the Giant Buddha on Lantau.

These days of course many are combinations and when you see the view from The Peak you’ll be in one of the major tourist malls of Hong Kong in the Peak Tower or the nearby Galleria.

Don’t miss out on the Markets either such as the famous Stanley Market, which is purely for tourists, the Ladies Market which has a mix of tourist and local customers, or some of the more down to earth locations like the Ap Lui street market where you can pick up used machine tools for a barging (presuming you can get them into your hand luggage of course).

Northward along the road is Temple Street and the associated Temple Street Market, this is a great place to do some shopping for souvenirs, trinkets and small antique items, both real and simulated.

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If you are eating around Nathan Road then you have one of the largest ranges of ethic choices of food in any part of Hong Kong.   Because of the large population from Inda and Pakistan in the district, together with a growing African contingent, the Nathan Road area in Tsim Sha Tsui has plenty of curry houses and african restaurants.


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